Kickapoo Emulation Cast Members

Austin Blecha

Savanah Combs

Mackenzie Crismas

Rylan DeHaven

Kayli Dinwiddie

Kenzie Dodson

Megan Drake

Heather Fulks

Lindsey Fulks

Celia Gamwell

Victoria Garcia

Kelsey Goins

Hailey Jones

Sammy Marquis

Ben Ralston

Kiley Randles

Gracie Underdown

Emilie Young

Now for your membership to become active ....
  1. Required member and parent meeting - Monday, November 11th - 7:30-8:30 pm.  

  2. Participation deposit is due at this meeting.


Things to remember....

  1. Our first rehearsal will be on Tuesday, November 12th from 6:00-9:00 in the Kickapoo Commons.

  2. Wear all black rehearsal clothes.

  3. Since we will begin staging the show next week, I will assess equipment positions at this rehearsal.  Be prepared :)

  4. Check the rehearsal calendar and be aware of your team's specific rehearsals.