What is Color Guard?

Color Guard is a fine arts performance activity and a school spirit team that incorporates dancing, performing, and spinning flags, rifles, and sabers.  

As part of the Kickapoo High School Marching Band, our Color Guard creates stunning visual effects through movement and equipment choreography. During 1st semester, we are a part of the marching band and attend all home football games, as well as, marching band contests in September/October.  

We also perform at assemblies, provide spirit at games, and provide entertainment at community  events.  

Why Join Kickapoo Color Guard?

KPOOCG is DANCE.  KPOOCG is FUN.  KPOOCG is FAMILY. Guard is the SPORT OF THE ARTS. Kickapoo Color Guard members develop leadership and teamwork skills through their work together in this exciting and dynamic activity!  Joining Kickapoo Color Guard is a great way to make new friends, collect incredible high school memories, and travel and compete doing what you will love --performing!

No Experience Necessary

We will teach you everything you need to know to compete and perform on a NATIONAL LEVEL!  Backgrounds in dance, cheer, theater or any other performing group are always helpful, but not required in any way! 

When do we rehearse?

Marching Band is an academic course during 1st semester. We rehearse as a part of the marching band during 4th block as a class.  

We also attend summer band camp and rehearse with the marching band one evening a week.  We will have one CG sectional a week to prep for upcoming performances or perfect choreography for performances.

What is Winter Guard?

​Following marching band season, we transition into Winter Guard.  We compete and perform to pre-recorded music and compete throughout February - April.  Auditions for our Varsity WG team are held in November.  Costumes and flags are styled to our production. We compete locally, regionally and at the national level.  

School Spirit

Golden Arrowettes

Go Chiefs!

Kickapoo Emulation

Never Never Lost - Scholastic A 

2016 WGI Regional Finalists

2016 WGI Championships - Finalists

Marching Band 

Outstanding Color Guard - Ozark, US Bands

Outstanding Visual - Broken Arrow Invitational

Bands Of America St Louis Super Regional Finalists


Kickapoo Emulation


2021 MCCGA Scholastic Open Champion

2021 WGI Championships - National Finalist

Scholastic Open Class





Kickapoo Emulation

Reckless Faith - Scholastic Open Class

2020 WGI Tulsa Regional - 2nd place - I rating 

2020 WGI Springield Regional Champion 

Kickapoo Emulation

In My Bloodstream - Scholastic Open

2018 WGI Springfield Regional Champion

2018 WGI Championships - Semi-Finalists




Kickapoo Emulation

Done Her Wrong - Scholastic A 

2017 WGI Springfield Regional Champions

2017 WGI Championships - Finalists

3rd Place - Bronze Medalists - Promoted


Cherokee Guard/Kickapoo Cadets

Building guard communities, we are so proud of our guard family!