Sherri Peterson, Director

Sherri Peterson has over 20 years of experience as the Director of the Kickapoo Color Guard program.  Sherri was a 4-year member of the Kickapoo Golden Arrowettes in high school.
While on the team she participated as team captain, assisted in creating choroegraphy for spirit routines, and was selected to audition for the Spirit of Atlanta drum corp.
After high school, she attended Southwest Missouri State University (now Missouri State) and participated in the Pride Band for two years.  While a part of the program, she had the privilege of being a part of their first winter guard team.  Competing in WGI regionals and going to WGI World Championships as a member of the SMSU winter guard team, inspired Sherri to begin designing.  
The Kickapoo Color Guard program has won numerous awards at the local, regional, and national levels under Sherri's leadership. Sherri is the visual designer for the program.  Her visual design services include music editing/designing, staging, costume design, flag design, and other design ideas that involve production value.  Sherri is also the visual designer for the Kickapoo Golden Arrow Marching Band, as well as, the drill designer.  She is sought after as a clinician and guest designer for numerous programs.   The Kickapoo Color Guard is a family affair for Sherri, both of her daughters have been members of the team; and her husband, Kickapoo Band Director Troy Peterson, avidly supports the program.     
Sherri has a Master's degree in Administration and serves as the Social Studies Department Chair at Kickapoo High School.   

Haley Davis, Choreographer

Haley has been a lead choreographer for the Kickapoo Color Guard program since 2011.  Haley was a 4-year member of the Kickapoo Color Guard.  While in high school, she also assisted with the Cherokee Middle School guard as a choreographer and technician.  Haley graduated from Kickapoo in 2011 as a Valedictorian and Hall of Fame member.
Following graduation, Haley transitioned into designer, director and instructor at Cherokee Middle School.  Her visual design and choreographic skills has enabled the program at Cherokee continued success, and allowed for future technical success for students who transition into the program at Kickapoo.  
Haley was a member of the 2014 Phantom Regiment Drum and Bugle Corp.  As a member of the Phantomettes, Haley performed on both weapon lines.  She is a sought after choreographer and designer.

Instructional Staff